Meet The Mission November 14th 2017 03:00 AM

The mission of "Meet The Bitcoins" is to:

  • Create awareness of Bitcoin and its uses.
  • Teach accurate concepts of Bitcoin in a straightforward manner to curious adults and kids alike, while making a statement and being entertaining.
  • Encourage every man woman and child to try Bitcoin, become unbanked and participate in the Bitcoin revolution.
  • Counteract misleading misinformation, particularly from the "biased media".
  • Make viewers question the "status quo" and think for themselves.
  • A tribute in style to other animated shows like The Simpsons, South Park and various Pixar films, including The Incredibles.
  • Loaded like an overstuffed baked potato with many "inside joke" Bitcoin references for Bitcoin veterans, such as "hodl", "to the moon" and many more.
  • The Bitcoins face prejudice from other characters in Fiatopolis. Aside from specific relevancy to Bitcoin, this sideplot is a reflection of the general challenges of dealing with and overcoming prejudice.
  • The pilot episode will cleverly introduce the characters, concepts of Bitcoin and have a plot challenge to overcome that's relevant to the overall history of Bitcoin and the current pop-finance and Bitcoin environment.

The main initial objective is to create a minute long viral "teaser trailer" for the series, stitching together key scenes from the pilot scripts along with a classic Don LaFontaine "movie trailer" style voiceover.

Leading into that, there will be further character design, backstory development and script writing as well as modeling, animation tests and art style exploration to yield various promotional materials, including flagship character bio promo images.

This website will showcase the progress of the project and feedback from the community. Voting on names and commenting on the latest images, for example. The community can also contribute Bitcoin donations to support the project. Conceptually this is a preferred way to kickstart and support Bitcoin-related projects, keeping within the Bitcoin community and economy.