The Art & Technology November 14th 2017 03:00 AM

I work in the film and animation industry with a background in advertising and writing. It will be fantastic to bring the vision of this project to life, potentialy bringing Bitcoin awareness, entertainment and financial freedom to people around the world and having fun doing it. I will commit as much resources as possible and hopefully we can also raise some contributions to further the ideas of Bitcoin.

I've enjoyed putting a lot of time and effort into this plan, experimenting with ideas and art styles. I've been in touch with everyday families to CEOs, music composers, writers and directors on this project, each with more optimism than the next for the project and for Bitcoin as a whole.

The next art phase will be a series of experiments to determine the best artistic style from traditional 2D animation to full 3D animation like Pixar. Hybrid styles include 3D with 2D cell shaders.

The next technology phases will discover technologies to establish the optimal pipeline, including R&D into state-of-the-art in facial motion capture. I have 3D animation software, editing and full body motion capture equipment for 3D animation.