About This Website November 14th 2017 03:00 AM

This website will showcase the progress of "Meet The Bitcoins" and feedback from the community. Commenting on the latest progress, making suggestions and voting on ideas, for example.

The community can also contribute Bitcoin donations to support the project. This is a preferred way to kickstart and support Bitcoin-related projects, keeping it within the Bitcoin community and economy!

The ultimate goal is to become "The Pixar of Bitcoin". Once we get some revenue we plan to seek out, fund and promote other Bitcoin-related projects. I know there are also worthy organizations like BitGive that we also intend to support. This will be a great thing to discuss in the road ahead.

Join us today by registering and join in on "Meet The Bitcoins" discussions, ask questions and make suggestions. It only takes a moment.

Note that the article discussion system I developed has an extra level of depth, meaning you can start a new article about a topic or you can comment on an existing article and reply to other comments. This system will evolve and improve over time.