Characters & Locations November 14th 2017 03:00 AM

A top-secret mysterious document curiously titled "The Pair of Dice Papers" was recently recovered during a Super Black Ops Mission. Portions of this document were redacted by "The Syndicate".


Mr. Bitcoin, Bob, Daddy Bitcoin, Super Mr. Bitcoin - Mild mannered yet cynical salesman for the Blockchain. Patriarch by day, however turns into a superhero fighting "financial crimes" with wife Betty on a quest to find Nakamoto in occasional nighttime adventures. Before joining The Blockchain, worked as a miner in the great Crypto Mines before the ant-like ASICs took over. Often has flashbacks about the "old mining days" and daydreams about mining the first Bitcoin on the moon. Sometimes tries to come up with a new invention or wacky get rich quick scheme, Ralph Kramden style, much to Betty's dismay. Mr. Bitcoin bears some resemblance to "Sponge Bob", aside from the obvious shape difference.

Betty "Milli" Bitcoin, Mrs. Bitcoin, Mamma Bitcoin, Super Mrs. Bitcoin - The rock of the family. Takes care of the kids, former marketing manager at the Unbank before becoming a mostly full-time matriarch. Misses her co-workers at Unbank but is an excellent writer and does freelance journalism for /r/Bitcoin in spare time exposing the seedy underbelly of Fiatopolis and who or what may have happened to. Sometimes investigates "anonymous clues" left in envelopes left through the 2-FA mail slot. Turns into a super-heroine to fight "financial crimes" during occasional nighttime adventures with Mr. Bitcoin.

Big Brother, Mike "Row" - Creative and rebellious. Works in Laz's Pizza Shop part-time and aspires to be a great detective. Occasionally slips into fantasy daydream sequences where he discovers the inner clandestine workings of "The Syndicate" and in search of Nakamoto. Similar to Snoopy and the Red Baron sequences. As the story goes on, more is discovered this way via these fantasy detective binges. Or are they?

Little Sister, Penny "Bit" - Currently in grade school, highly intelligent and opinionated. Wants to work in the Blockchain "to bring fairness and justice to all" when she grows up. Overachiever and highly idealistic and opinionated.

Baby Satoshi - Is this the true genius of the family? Silent but adorable. Baby Satoshi has a special connection to Nakamoto and can always see him (if around).

Dogey - Family dog, goofy but loyal... often gets lost when he gets loose from his own "Blockchain" on the tree in the yard.

HAM-1000, "Highly Automated Machine" - Butler/babysitter and robot butcher that takes care of the kids during night missions. Constantly making bad jokes and worse puns due to a malfunctioning "humor chip". Rumored to have a secret "terminator" mode switch installed, but it has never been discovered. Was funded through a joint venture initiated by George Costanza and Commodore Business Machines in the early 1990s.

Aunt "Ether" and Aunt "Lite" - Milli Bitcoin's sisters (similar to Marge's sisters). Ether is fat and Lite is thin. Sometimes they visit the Bitcoins at 2-FA Wallet Drive and overstay their welcome (according to Bob).

Neighbors & Others:

Laz - Purveyor of Cryptoville's original pizza shop - "over 10,000 served". Quirky entrepreneur and mentor to Mike. Constantly seen in t-shirts with highly charged pop-culture and pop-finance statements. Big fan of video games.

Cryptoville - Small but growing city Founded by Nakamoto in 2009. Governed by the benevolent yet often condescending AI "Al" at The Blockchain.

Crypto Mines - The great mines where new Bitcoins are born. The element Cryptonium is a staple of Cryptoville, essential in forming Bitcoin.

Unbank - The bank of Cryptoville.

Mt. Sox, "Mt. Crox" - xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx abysmal vortex xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxx lost socks, never to be seen again. xxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxxx?

Marty Miner - Mole-like character who rides on and commands a squadron of robotic ant-like ASICs (insects) to dig up Cryptonium for new Bitcoins in the great crypto mines.

The Blockchain - The unbiased government of Cryptoville, designed to be fair and just to all citizens. However, The Blockchain is run by a condescending AI "Al" with a voice that is vaguely reminiscent of the computer in "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy".

/r/Bitcoin - Cryptoville's xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx newspaper.

Fiatopolis - Old, polluted and corrupt city driven by xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Most resources from Fiatopolis were stripped away long ago by xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx.

Jamie "Blood" Diamond - "Mr. Burns-like" character constantly conspiring with xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx and ordering "Lawrence D Fink" (Smithers) to wipe out Cryptoville, acquire Cryptonium and steal Blockchain technology for himself. CEO of "JP Moregain".

Lawrence D. Fink - CEO of RockBlack. Embattled Smithers-like character with a weaselesque physique yet kind eyes and disposition with a clandestine affinity for justice. Due to his kind nature takes constant abuse from Jamie "Blood" Diamond but really secretly actually wants Bitcoin to succeed and also to appear in an episode of "Dancing With the Stars on Ice" alongside Loni Anderson (a childhood crush).

Screamin' N. Yellen - Mayor of Fiatopolis. Speaks like Kenny from South Park or adults in Charlie Brown, with a muffled "sock in the mouth" effect. Indiscernible, yet massive cheering can usually be heard from Fiatville after every speech. Probably from cheer-track tapes playing on loudspeakers or xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx but it has never been confirmed.

Nakamoto - The former head and founder of The Blockchain but disappeared suddenly and mysteriously. Was he kidnapped or is he in hiding in plain sight? The truth appears xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx while it seems impossible. Some believe that some of Nakamoto's residual energy manifests in an elusive spirit-like character that appears, often saving characters from disasters. Not all characters can see Nakamoto at all times, if ever, but Baby Satoshi has a special connection to Nakamoto and can always see him (if around).

Tim Draper - xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Winklevoss Twins - Early settlers of Cryptoville after getting sacked in the xxxx by xxxx xxxxxxxxxx. Vaguely reminiscent of the twins in The Matrix Reloaded.

McAfee - Pro-bitcoin eccentric billionaire that lives on a private island off the grid and has a curious penchant for roasted wieners.

Al Gore - Inventor of the Internet and Bitcoin? Maybe.

Uncle Sam - Rich great uncle of Fiatopolis who like picking pockets while distracting with extremely tasteless, obfuscating limericks and haikus. Has a "Cat-in-the-hat" quality. Arch nemesis of Nakamoto in concept and in form.

Rob Coin - A cloned, evil version of Bob Bitcoin created by a group of hired hacker. Who is responsible?

The Syndicate - Shadowy organization. Not much is known about this organization.

HFBC - The Human Financial Battery Company. Shady organization controlled by The Syndicate.

Top-Secret Moon Base - xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx and a key hidden in xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx then to unlock xxx xxxxxxxxxxx x xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "two weeks" xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Total Recall.

There's an opportunity for guest character appearances by Bitcoin-centric characters like: Andreas Antonopoulos, Charlie Shrem, Patrick Byrne, Roger Ver, Craig Wright, Barry Silbert, Richard Branson, etc. If possible, we can get their actual voices in the show. Mainstream finance players and personalities like Bernanke, Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, etc. will appear in a "Simpsons/South Park style" parody.


Most of the action takes place in the Bitcoin family home on "2-FA Wallet Drive" and in various settings around the town of Cryptoville. Some scenes take place in Fiatopolis.